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Top 5 sports to play in the rain

The experience of sport is amplified in the rain. If you'd like to experience, test out some of the below sports.

How to play sports when it's raining? If your desire to get outdoors is stronger than the rain or if you swear by outdoor sports, whatever the weather or the season, it is time to consider the joys of sport in the rain! So how to break the monotony, even in autumn when it's gray, and enjoy the bad weather to try or rediscover sports? We present you our Top 5 sports to try when it rains!

Top 5 sports to play in the rain

5 Best sports to try when it rains!

1. Running

We start with obviousness: running knows no season! By desire or pleasure, if you do not want to miss your running sessions, or by motivation, if you're preparing for a race or a competition, jogging in the rain can quickly become a formality.
The idea is above all to be well equipped: a waterproof windbreaker, a cap not to receive drops in the eyes, reinforced protections on areas of friction (because your clothes will get heavy with rain) and a minimum footprint (we don't advice the use of headphones while running in the rain).
Ok, but why inflict this on yourself? Beyond spilling your love for running (or for water), running in the rain can also allow you to better prepare your next races. By continuing your training program whatever the conditions of course, but also by preparing for all eventualities for your next deadlines: if your next competition takes place in the rain, your mind will be in good shape. And if you are looking for advice, it's here

Top 5 sports to play in the rain

2. Mountain Biking

We continue with a sport that is never afraid of bad weather: mountain biking. You know, the sport that allows you to discover nature, open spaces, bike rides and thrills all summer?
We have good news for you: it continues in the fall! So how to roll in puddles? We advise you to start by adapting your equipment. Your outfit obviously (rain jacket, glasses, gloves) but also your bike: tires, pressure, braking ...
Regarding the practice, the goal is to adapt your race and your trajectories to the grip of the ground and obstacles specific to wet soil. Okay, mud is good for the skin, but that's not a bit too much? At this time of the article (or your mountain bike ride in the rain) you may be wondering what is the point of pedaling in bad weather.
First, as for running, it's an opportunity to continue to progress, to prepare for all conditions and especially not to deprive you of a sport that you adore for a season or more. Mountain biking in the rain gives you the opportunity to succeed new challenges, to rediscover your playground ... and to get a taste!

Top 5 sports to play in the rain

3. Team Sports

And if you find that sport in the rain, it's more fun to many, we now turn to team sports! Whether in football, rugby or field hockey, team sports outdoors is often practiced in any weather.
On the program: a cap, sweat pants and a rain breaker (for training), long sleeves for games and especially shoes with a sole or spikes adapted to the soil which is heavier or slippery.
And if you regret not having chosen basketball, handball or baseball? If you find that dribbling the ball or tapping the puff is still more pleasant in the sweetness of spring, there are still serious arguments to not give up your favorite sport on rainy days. First of all, it's not just the ball or the ball that will miss you, there are also your partners, your club, your place on the field or on the bench and the rhythm of the sporting season which continues despite bad weather. Then, it's also an opportunity to stand out screwed crampons, to work the conquest or the kick and run and to receive encouragement when you dive in puddles.

Top 5 sports to play in the rain

4. Water Sports

Here too, it may seem obvious, but if you have to finish wet, you have to go all the way! Whether at sea with surfing, stand-up paddle boarding or windsurfing or in the river with rafting or canoeing, a little more water finally becomes of little importance once you are launched.
And it is also an opportunity to enjoy your sport in different and sometimes more challenging conditions. Obviously, we are talking again about rain and humidity, no flood or storm.
So if you want to be one with your favorite element, we suggest the neoprene suits for sports slips. For river sports, you can trust your paddles or paddles to keep you warm. Very good, but the goal was to be on the water, not under water ... Really ? Yet we can only advise you to push the vice to the end and try scuba diving in rainy weather. Nothing better to forget the outside world and discover another universe.

Top 5 sports to play in the rain

5. City Bike

After trying the mountain bike in the rain at the beginning of the article, let's talk about his cousin the city bike. The principle is the same: well equipped (think of a long rain cover or waterproof pants for your legs!) You continue to enjoy all the benefits of a physical activity that combines the useful and the pleasant under the rain.
But the useful and the pleasant cycling in the rain, what is it? On the off chance, it can include going to the gym while doing your warm up! Yes, if the sports presented above do not make you want to live sports adventures in the rain, or if you have returned home with more drops than conviction thanks to our brilliant advice, you still have the indoor sport.
So to avoid the wet weather discouraging you from commuting, we remind you of the good reflexes for your cycling, walking or scooter routes: a rain gear, gloves and a hat!‍And you, you are rather the type to end soaked with sweat in room or to go to get the fresh air when the rain is inviting on your sport niches? Share your experiences and do not hesitate to say if you liked this article!