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How to Choose Your Rain Jacket

For anyone planning a trip to hike or trek in Thailand, a crucial item you should have is a raincoat. The terrain in Thailand consists largely of lush rainforests, and the chances of encountering rain in the jungle are high. It's advisable to purchase a suitable raincoat for trekking, and we've prepared the information for you today.

Are you ready for the rainy season?
If not, the first thing you need to prepare is a waterproof jacket. Whether you’re planning a hiking trip or just want something to keep you dry on your daily commute, Decathlon’s range of rain jackets has something for you. In this post, we’ll tell you how to choose the right one.

Rain Jackets

What to Consider When Buying a Waterproof Rain Jacket

Waterproof Level

At Decathlon, you’ll see that all our hiking jackets have different levels of waterproofing. Each one has a rating, measured in Schmerbers, or millimeters of H20.

- 2,000 mm
This rating provides protection against showers and general rainfall of up to 12mm in 2 hours.

- 5,000 mm
This rating provides protection against thunderstorms and heavy rain of up to 30cm in 3 hours.

- 10,000 mm
This rating will keep you dry in heavy rainstorms, and rain that feels painful when it hits your face.

- 15,000 mm
This rating is waterproof against even high pressure water.

Outside Temperature

Think about where you’ll be wearing your rain jacket, and what the temperature will be like.

Are you looking for a lightweight, breathable jacket or something to keep you both warm and dry? Decathlon’s lightweight rain jackets either come with a thin lining or no lining at all, to keep you cool and reduce perspiration. These modes can be worn in warm weather, or layered up with a fleece when it gets cold. However, for colder climates, you should choose a rain jacket with a warm lining. Our Quechua 3-in-1 hiking jackets feature a detachable lining, which can be removed to adapt to changing temperatures.

How to Choose Your Rain Jacket | Decathlon Thailand

Intensity of Movement

Another thing to consider is how much you’ll be moving when you’re wearing your rain jacket. Will you be going on an intense and active hike? If so, you’ll need to choose a model with ventilation. Some Quechua jackets feature mesh panels under the arms, made from sweat-wicking materials. However, if you’ll only be using your rain jacket for light walks, this won’t be a priority.

If freedom of movement is important to you, you might want to opt for a waterproof rain poncho. This way, you won’t feel restricted

Waterproof, not Water Repellent

Waterproof and water repellent may sound the same, but it’s important to know the difference.

Water repellency is the ability of a fabric to let water slide over its surface without penetrating it, and this is created by treating the fabric with a coating. A water-repellent jacket provides minimal protection and a temporary solution, but won’t be sufficient in Thailand’s rainy season. Make sure you check the label of your hiking jacket before you buy to be sure of the level or protection you’re getting. 

Buy Your Waterproof Jacket at Decathlon Thailand

Now that you know what to look for in a rain jacket, it’s time to start shopping!
At Decathlon, we have a wide selection of waterproof jackets to get you through even the heaviest rainstorms. There are models for men, women and children available, with different designs and levels of protection.

Shop our range of hiking rain jackets today.