How and Why to Keep Your Kids Active ? | Decathlon Thailand

How and Why to Keep Your Kids Active

In this article, we’ll tell you why it’s so important to keep your kids active, and give you some ideas for sports and activities they can try.

Physical activity is an essential part of a child’s development.

Running around, playing games, and burning off energy are daily requirements for energetic kids. As well as helping them to build strong bones and muscles, it also brings many other types of benefits.

How and Why to Keep Your Kids Active ? | Decathlon Thailand

Benefits of Physical Activity for Children

Kids are getting more screen time than ever, and too much can present a variety of problems. As well as limiting cognitive development and social skills, it can also make it more difficult for your child to sleep. So, it’s always good to take a break from devices and get some other forms of stimulation.

Doing physical activities will stop your kid from getting bored and restless, and help them to use up some of their seemingly limitless energy. As a result, they’ll be able to focus and concentrate more when needed.

Practicing skill activities can help them to practice concentration while also being active. Try letting them play target sports like archery or darts to enjoy the benefits.

How and Why to Keep Your Kids Active ? | Decathlon Thailand

2. Improve Posture, Balance and Motor Skills

When sitting down at a desk or slumping over a screen regularly, a child can easily develop poor posture.

Physical activity will help to correct that. It can also provide ways to develop balance and motor skills. For young children aged 2-6, our baby gym balance kit and balance bikes are great options. We also have a mini trampoline for little ones.

To practice hand-eye coordination, racket sports like table tennis and badminton are great sports activities for kids.

Wheel sports are a great way to improve balance while having lots of fun. At Decathlon Thailand, we have a wide range for them to choose from. At our stores, they can browse our range of Oxelo roller blades, scooters and skateboards and even give them a try. We have a range of children’s skate protection to keep them safe while they play.

How and Why to Keep Your Kids Active ? | Decathlon Thailand

3. Increase Confidence and Self-Esteem

Some of the most powerful benefits of exercise and activity for kids are more than just physical.

Playing sports and games can work wonders for their confidence. If your child is shy and struggling to make friends, joining activities with other kids can help them to come out of their shell. If they like team sports, try enrolling them in a kids’ football team or basketball club. If that’s not for them, they could also try martial arts like judo and aikido, or dance classes like ballet for kids.

Learning new skills and becoming adept at sports can also boost their self-esteem, helping them to be more self-assured as they grow up.

How and Why to Keep Your Kids Active ? | Decathlon Thailand

4. Have Fun!

Parents are always looking for new ways for their children to have fun and stay entertained, and at Decathlon Thailand, we have a wide range of solutions for you to choose from.

They don’t need to play a sport or even have a goal in their physical activity to enjoy this benefit. It could be as simple as bouncing on a jumping ball, skipping with a kids’ jump rope, or playing with a hula hoop. 

Play & Explore with Decathlon Thailand

If you’re not sure which type of sport or activity is right for your child, we’re here to help.
Bring them to one of our Decathlon Thailand stores, and they can explore more than 60 sports under one roof. They’ll be able to pick out products that they like and try them out to see how they feel.
At some stores, they can even join special classes and activities with other children. Our standalone stores often have free events and classes that you can sign up for. Contact your local store or follow Decathlon Thailand on Facebook to see what’s on offer.