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5 Beach Games to Play With Your Family This Summer

 At Decathlon, we have a range of products specially-designed for beach games and activities. Read on to find out our top 5. 

The weather is heating up, the school semester is coming to a close, and it’s time to take a much-needed family vacation.
Wondering how to keep your children occupied while you’re on the beach? There’s more to do than just building sandcastles and splashing around in the sea.

5 Activities and Beach Games | Decathlon Thailand

The Best Beach Games for Family Fun in the Sun

1. Beach Tennis

You don’t need a court to play tennis, you can also play it on the sand! However, you will need some specialized equipment.

Instead of a standard racket, beach tennis uses a more solid padel, which has holes in it. The ball is also depressurized, which means it moves more slowly through the air. At Decathlon, we have a beach tennis set that allows you to set up your own court on the sand quickly and easily.

5 Activities and Beach Games | Decathlon Thailand

2. Beach Volleyball 

Do you know the difference between volleyball and beach volleyball?

Aside from the location, it’s also about the number of players. Indoor volleyball has 6 players per side, whereas beach volleyball is generally played in doubles. The ball is different, too. Beach volleyballs are lighter and softer.

You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy this game. With the right equipment, anyone can give it a try. Grab a beach volleyball set from Decathlon, and you’re ready to go.

5 Activities and Beach Games | Decathlon Thailand

3. Beach Rugby

Rugby can be an intimidating sport for some, but with a beach rugby ball, that’s not the case.
These balls are much lighter, as they’re made out of foamy material that’s soft to the touch. Whether you want to play a full match or just have a game of catch with the ball, you’re sure to have fun.

5 Activities and Beach Games | Decathlon Thailand

4. Roundnet

If you haven’t heard of roundnet, you’re not alone. This little-known sport is in the same family as volleyball, and is also known as spikeball.

It involves a circular net which stands slightly off the ground. Instead of hitting the ball over the next like volleyball, players spike the ball down to bounce it up to each other. Want to give it a try? Get a roundnet set from Decathlon. It’s sure to keep kids occupied for hours!

5 Activities and Beach Games | Decathlon Thailand

5. Frisbee

You’d be surprised how much fun you can have with a simple frisbee.
Throwing a frisbee around can keep kids active and entertained. If you want to take it to the next level, you can try a boomerang, too!

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Stay Protected from UV Rays

When you’re having fun in the sun, it’s easy to forget about protecting your skin. Don’t make this mistake!
Harmful UV rays could give you more than just sunburn and heatstroke. Prolonged and repeated exposure can also lead to skin cancer. That’s why it’s vital that you keep yourself protected.
At Decathlon Thailand, we make it easy. We have a range of beach clothing with built-in UV protection, as well as SPF 50+ sunscreen, which keeps you protected even while you’re in the water.
Be sure to pack these items in your bag before you head to the seaside. That way, you can enjoy your family beach activities all day long, without worrying about your skin.