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How to Choose Your Swimming Goggles

How to choose swim goggles that enhance your swimming performance and protect your eyes while swimming.

If you’re a regular swimmer, it’s essential that you have a pair of swimming goggles.
This is because the chlorine in pool water can cause irritation, and even infection, in the eyes.
When you go shopping for your first pair of goggles, you might be overwhelmed by choice and not sure of which model to go for. At Decathlon, we’re here to help! Our expert sports staff have provided all the information you need below.
Read on to find out who to choose the right pair of goggles for you.

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Things to Consider When Buying New Goggles

It’s not as simple as just color, shape and size. There are other important factors to consider when purchasing swimming goggles, too.

1. Your Swimming Level

At Decathlon, we offer different types of goggles for swimmers with different levels of experience.

- Goggles for Beginners
If you’re a beginner, you’ll have to look for a model that’s comfortable and easy to adjust. Those with straps or notches on the nose bridge will be best. Goggles for beginners offer a panoramic field of vision, allowing you to feel more at ease in the water. If you want an even wider field of vision than goggles can provide, you can also opt for a swimming mask instead.

- Goggles for Intermediate Swimmers
Goggles designed for more frequent use provide greater stability. They have a narrower field of vision and a more flexible nose bridge.

- Goggles for Advanced Swimmers
Goggles for professional or competitive swimmers provide optimum stability, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting them while you’re swimming. They’re also hydrodynamic, which means they’ll help you to achieve better results and cut your times down. Their field of vision is much more precise, too.

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2. Goggle Size

It’s essential that you choose the right size for you. Otherwise, your goggles will be uncomfortable and won’t function properly.

In order to check if a pair of goggles is the right size for you, there’s an easy test you can try! Just follow these steps:

1. Place the goggles over your eyes without putting the strap over your head, and press down onto your face.
2. If the goggles stick to your face and remain in place, this means they won’t allow water to enter. They’re the right size for you!
3. If not, they’re either too big or too small. Try another pair on for size.

When wearing your goggles, make sure the strap isn’t too tight. Otherwise, they’ll become uncomfortable and could even cause injury. Make sure they’re secure enough to stay in place without letting water in, but not too tight.

3. Type of Lenses

The type of lenses you choose will depend on where you plan to go swimming. For example, clear lenses are best for indoor swimming pools with low brightness. However, if you’re swimming somewhere with bright lights, you’ll need smoked lenses to give you a better view. If you’re swimming outdoors, mirrored lenses will give you the best protection against the sun and make sure your vision is always perfect. 

Find Your Goggles at Decathlon Thailand

Now that you know what to look for, you’re ready to shop!

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